The Way of the White Clouds

Many years ago, when we were in our twenties, we stepped into Osho's world and have lived and participated in his ashram in India and the Humaniversity in the Netherlands, immersing ourselves in his way. He mysteriously calls his way "The Way of the White Clouds".

Being part of that mystery, he inspires us to create a space around our music that is full of silence, love and laughter – a music that sounds like the wind weaving its way through the long grasses – where light touches fingertips, falls over stones and tumbles into open spaces – like a river that disappears into the ocean.

“The whole existence is full of rejoicing; you just need to open your windows.
It is our existence; we are part of it.
Our heartbeat is part of the universal heartbeat.
And it is not a dead universe; it is immensely intelligent, conscious, sensitive. It is divine in its every dimension.
But you have to learn to participate in the dance.”

Osho, The Golden Future

Meditation – the science of the inner

Osho has talked for extensive periods on the way of Buddha, the way of Tao, the way of Tantra, Zen and the Sufis.

The active meditation methods Osho developed, such as Dynamic Meditation and Kundalini Meditation, have been created for the men and women of today.

Osho offers a helping hand towards understanding ourselves and his methods of awakening consciousness have encompassed many paths because the people coming to him are many and varied, coming from different walks of life, different cultures and parts of the world.

Osho on Music

The Enlightened Mystic Osho

“To me, music and meditation are two aspects of the same phenomenon. And without music, meditation lacks something; without music, meditation is a little dull, unalive. Without meditation, music is simply noise – harmonious, but noise. Without meditation, music is an entertainment. And without music, meditation becomes more and more negative, tends to be death-oriented.

Hence my insistence that music and meditation should go together. That adds a new dimension to both. Both are enriched by it.”

Osho, The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol. 1 chapter 2

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